Fratelli Rosciglione

from 1840

the Cannoli factory

... and not only!

For 5 generations , the brothers Rosciglione , are leaders in the production of confectionery.
The tradition is a static component of the Rosciglione family.
The company was founded in 1840 by Domenico; the management has gone from 1920 to Vincenzo and subsequently from 1950 to Joseph and finally to the four brothers Vincent, John, Dominic and Anthony from1993. A prestigious confectionery art handed down from father to son , to this day, an activity that continues to keep a family together, strongly linked to the secrets of the trade, but attentive to the evolution of the times and push the ambition to expand. The headquarters of the company is located in the heart of Palermo, just outside the historic market Ballarò.
Linked to the roots of their city, the firm Rosciglione includes, in his long and important curriculum award for best decorator in the years 1960, 1961 , 1962, and 1966 in the feasts of S. Rosalia , the patron of the city.
Over the years, has always been constant and assiduous research material to use genuine and of the highest quality and to preserve the tradition of recipes from the local bakery.
170 years long in the industry with commitment and dedication with a look at the past but an eye to the future.
Since 2011, the Brothers Rosciglione are present in large factory created in the industrial area of Carini, where every day, depart for the whole of Europe , thousands of skins cannoli .
According to the most ancient recipes, the Rosciglione’s personnel prepare by hand peels of cannolies, in industrial quantities.The dough, flattening, frying, is followed according to the traditional rules of art Sicilian pastry .
But not only that , the brothers Rosciglione , prepare everyday confectionery specialties that you can always find fresh and made ​​with high quality products: an endless variety of cookies , pastries stuffed with ricotta , cream for every taste, chocolate , Sicilian cassata and baked.
The brothers Rosciglione are also specialists in craftsmanship of marzipan and sugar figurines, Sicilian sweets on the feast of the dead. And in the context of tradition, on the occasion of the event ” Night of Sugar ” held in Palermo November 1 to 3 , the brothers Rosciglione have become artists , creating for the event a ” sugar baby ” featuring the traditional Sicilian paladin high 230 cm for the total of 350 kg of sugar.
In addition to pastry chefs, the brothers are masters Rosciglione Biscottai , experts in the production of biscuits such as Queen – simple cookies with sesame – unmistakable smell and taste ; buccellati – shortbread cookies stuffed with dried figs, candied fruit and chopped chocolate ; mostacciole / moscardine, biscuits made ​​of flour and sugar, the first depicting sacred images typical of the December 8 feast , and the second called ” dead bones ” typical festivities of November 1, together with the Tetu and Catalan, chocolate chip cookies and almonds, almond pastries, flavored with citrus of Sicily.
But not only sweets the brother’s Rosciglione products. Hand-crafted for salted products tastiest traditional Sicilian arancini (rice balls imported into Sicily during the Arab domination ) of every shape and taste – from traditional meat sauce, stuffing the “Norma ” – ; baked pasta, a typical dish unique Sicilian cuisine, fritters and cazzilli , or fritters made ​​of chickpea flour and potato dumplings, typical of Sicilian street food .

Tradition and innovation are the motto of the Rosciglione.