Panelle and croquettes

The Arabs, the rulers of Sicily at the turn of the ninth and the eleventh century, already experienced gastronomes, to start grinding the seeds of chickpeas to obtain a flour, mixed with water and cooked over the fire, giving rise to a mixture similar to that of the polenta, flavored with various spices. In the city of Palermo, comes the first “panella”, a thin portion of this mixture, which spread in a thin and cooked in oil turns into a pancake with a beautiful golden color.

INGREDIENTS: chickpea flour, water, salt, parsley, pepper, nutmeg

The fate of Panelle is shared with potato croquettes, or “cazzilli” inseparable, are always close and sometimes are eaten together in the same sandwich. The croquettes,which are considered less classic because they arise from the combination of a few ingredients and poor, are one of the most typical dishes of the street of Palermo.

INGREDIENTI: patate, margarina, sale, pepe, menta